Lisa Smirnova X Sela
The main characters of this collection are magical animals—flowers that resemble people, animals and plants at the same time. They interact easily and cheerfully in space: they dance, change shape, gather in flocks, then in flower meadows and invite the viewer to their game.
Lisa & Lado
"Flocks of Flowers" is a personal exhibition in the Moscow bar-bistro "lado". Textile paintings and objects: stories from dreams, still lifes and abstract images are made in a recognizable manner of applique and embroidery.
Lisa Smirnova Х Other Stories
&Other Stories boutique opened in St. Petersburg. For the new store, the Swedish brand chose a historical building on Bolshoi Prospekt, and the artist Lisa Smirnova was invited to create the design.
Lisa Smirnova Х Futura
Futura Bistro opens the summer season with the artist - Lisa Smirnova. As part of the collaboration, Lisa made an exhibition of textile paintings and objects in the bistro space, and she will also release a special merchendize.
Datebook for any year
An undated datebook for any year created in collaboration with the publishing house Drim Book. An undated datebook for any year is a great choice for those who love to purchase another notebook and not write anything in it.
Lisa Smirnova Х Yandex Market
Collaboration with Yandex Market. Illustrations for holiday cards and stickers.
Lisa Smirnova Х Vogue Russia
Embroidery for a magazine Vogue Russia. June 2020
Lisa Smirnova Х Smog
The Moscow jewelry brand SMOG-union of Elizaveta Korotysheva and Natalia Dekhova, and the artist Lisa Smirnova, working in the technique of modern embroidery, created a joint collection of jewelry from Limoges porcelain, gilded silver and, of course, threads.
Vishtavka / All-Russian Decorative Art Museum
Sketches, drafts, clothes and pictures were present at a one-man exhibition of Lisa Smirnova - over 100 exhibits, the result of 10 years of her work
My embroidered year
Twelve embroidered images every month of one year.
Lisa Smirnova Х Artists Magazine
The September issue of the magazine, an embroidered cover for American Artists Magazine, is dedicated to the intersection of art and fashion. On the cover is a sensational portrait of Madame X created by John Sargent and hand embroidery with woolen threads.
Embroidered Maps
Collection of five bright jackets «Embroidered Maps» from Lisa Smirnova's Studio Of Modern Embroidery, this is a dream of traveling and fictional landscapes.
Ada Language
«Ada Language» was a collaboration project with Italian brand February First. The project was dedicated to Ada Lovelace, first female programmer and mathematician, daughter of the poet Byron.
My embroidered life / K+ Gallery
From lush floral motifs to impressionistic portraits, artist Lisa Smirnova’s embroidered artwork is a smorgasbord of bold coloured threads set against a vast array of rich textiles.
Artist at home
"Artist At Home" - collection from Olya Glagoleva's eco-friendly brand GO in collaboration with Lisa Smirnova. Artist At Home is a story about the creative process of an artist which has been told through the language of textile.
Omut Naive
The first collection with embroidery was created in collaboration with designer Nastya Klimova in 2012 and it became the starting point in the textile history of Lisa Smirnova.